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6 Benefits to Pet Wellness Plans

6 Benefits to Pet Wellness Plans

If you have a pet then you know that the cost of care can add up quickly. What are your financial options? Today, our Thornton vets offer some information about the benefits of pet wellness plans and how they can help you manage these costs.

While we hope that your pet never falls ill, the unexpected can happen. By being prepared for these situations you can help to decrease the stress that is usually felt. Along with pet insurance, your veterinary wellness plan can help to make sure that your pet has easy access to routine and urgent care.

What are the benefits of pet wellness plans?

Your job as a pet owner, along with receiving all of your pet's love, is to keep them safe and healthy. There are several ways to do this: providing affection, play, and exercise, a good diet... and routine preventive vet care. Wellness plans are made to help offer your pet ongoing care and support to help them lead long healthy lives.

Ongoing Preventive Pet Care

As with most things, prevention is key to protecting your pet's health. It can be more affordable to ensure that our animal friends don't develop preventable illnesses or conditions in the first place, and by taking your cat or dog in for their regular veterinary checkups any potential issues can be caught early. Early detection leads to better outcomes from treatment or management.

Routine Care to Help Protect Your Pet

By paying a monthly fee for the pet care services you are more likely to bring your pet in to utilize the services that you are paying for. More veterinary checkups can mean a healthier pooch or kitty at home, making your job of providing their daily ongoing care easier!

Budget to Make It Easier on Your Wallet

Wellness Plans can help you budget more easily, which makes it less stressful to head to the vet for your pet's routine or urgent care. Pet insurance and wellness plans can be a source of security; most of the care services that your loving cat or dog could need will be covered by them, rather than having to pay for treatment unexpectedly out of pocket.

You May Qualify For Discounts

Along with the money saved by signing up for wellness plans, many offer discounts on routine services. These services will vary depending on the clinic. Contact your veterinarian today to find out about their wellness plans and what they do or don't cover. 

Less Stress During Veterinary Emergencies

Pet owners dread the thought of their pets being injured or becoming ill, but it's important to be ready. A lot of wellness plans include a set number of veterinary examinations as part of the package, which can be very helpful when it comes to getting urgent care for your dog or cat. 

Wellness Plans Are Tailored to the Needs of the Pet

Your pet, just like all others, will have specific health needs. While there are obvious differences in plans for cats vs. dogs, there are also differences between different sizes of dogs! A giant breed dog has different health and wellness needs from a small dog breed. Your vet will be able to help you determine which wellness plan is right for your pet.

Dog Wellness Plans

For your canine companion, wellness plans often include:

    • Routine wellness exams
    • Core vaccinations
    • Bloodwork
    • Annual heartworm & tick disease testing
    • Bi-annual intestinal parasite screenings
    • Bi-annual wellness exam with Bordetella
    • 12-month supply of flea, tick, and heartworm prevention
Cat Wellness Plans

Your feline friend's wellness plan will usually include:

    • Routine wellness exams
    • Annual core vaccination
    • Bi-annual intestinal parasite screenings
    • 12-month supply of flea & tick prevention

Remember: pet insurance and wellness plans are different things! Wellness plans focus mostly on routine preventive care services; pet insurance is geared towards emergency care and ongoing health conditions. 

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

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